Nikon D5

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Nikon D5

Cool jobs deserve working with cool gear, that’s why VISUALIZE had the honour to count with the support of Nikon Belgium who lent us the new camera Nikon D5 for a challenging job with Concept to Screen.


The job consisted on an aerial photoshoot at dawm of some locations in the harbor of Antwerps.  Awesome, beautiful and technically hard.

In the darkness of the night there was no option to work with slow shutter speeds or tripods, since the point of view was in the air, from an helicopter.


Having to respect a f/2.8 and at least a shutter speed value of 1/160s, the ISO value became the only parameter able to guarantee a good exposed shot.

One of the good things of the Nikon D5 is the ISO sensitivity which can go default up to 51200 without too much quality loss. It was a great experience to be working at ISO 10.000 and still keep detail on the scenes. The location was mainly black broken through by nice lights on streets, ships and factories. That contrast between shadows and highlights, including the gradients created by the spotlights (street lamps) on the darkness are very well appreciable in the pictures.

The camera performed also really good with its autofocus when having to refocus quickly in such a dark environment. We need to remember there has been an improvement in this camera’s sensor module which offer more focus points and better reaction in extremely low light conditions.

After some hours flying and shooting full of passion still something gorgeous had to happen and of course, be photographed … the SUNRISE … to put you on scene; harbor of Antwerp, aerial point of view, soft mist, sunrise and the impressive dynamic range of the Nikon D5 … successful picture guaranteed.

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