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In any field, in any place, it is important that people go for personal projects…

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  • photo series is one of those personal projects from Estíbalitz Soto, who passionated about gymnastics decided to place such impressive postures from the discipline Acrobatics Gymnastics on gorgeous Icelandic landscapes.

The first steps of this project seemed quite easy, travel to Iceland to take beautiful landscapes and work together with the gymnasts to decide which elements could suit each location … the second part though, became more of a challenge …


… BUT …

collaborating with the top three acrobatic gymnasts of Belgium Ineke van Schoor, Julie van Gelder and Kaat Dumarey, and counting on the support of a great photography team composed by Tim Luyten, Sebastian Vervenne, Sigrid Meulemans, Winny Man and Luc van Schoor … FUN and PROFESSIONALISM were guaranteed…



The photoshoot was a great experience for all of us specially taking in account the dimensions of the lighting set up, for what we are thankful to the Gymnastiek Federatie Vlaanderen, giving us permission to shoot in the Top Sporthal Vlaanderen in Gent, Belgium.

To end up, after the “on location” parts of the job, some hours of postproduction and a lot of layers in Adobe Photoshop, created the magic coming out these images.

This can only get you keen on going for another PERSONAL PROJECT!!!


See the full series in fullscreen at

Ineke, Julie and Kaat can be booked for event show at Art Acrobatics and JuliTom Entertainment.